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Drug addiction is one of the leading sources of misery in many lives today. Drug use usually starts out of curiosity, or perhaps social influence. Perhaps a particular drug may have been prescribed by a physician. Drug abuse and drug addiction have less to with the amount of substance consumed or the frequency at which it’s consumed and more to do with the consequences that arise because of it. No matter how much a person consumes, if your drug use is affecting your life in damaging ways, you likely have a drug addiction problem.

What Is the Difference between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction?

Like alcoholism, most people understand drug abuse and drug addiction to be the same condition, but in the addiction treatment and medical communities, there are differences. People who abuse drugs may be able to manage some aspects of their lives even though they chronically use drugs. Drug addicts, though, develop a chemical dependency and begin to use drugs not only to experience euphoria, but to maintain a sense of balance as their bodies and minds no longer function normally without the substance.

People who abuse drugs may often function in society and hide their problem well, but signs of abuse can always break through. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Decreased or low performance in school or at work
  • Continuous drug-related legal problems
  • Changes in appearance
  • Frequently being hung-over
  • Money problems
  • Changes in or difficulties with friendships and family relationships
  • Withdrawing from friends, families and other social systems
  • Personality or behavior changes

Signs of Drug Addiction

People living with drug addiction may:

  • Increased sense of perception, especially taste, sight and hearing
  • Red eyes, problems with coordination or memory loss
  • Using drugs to deal with problems
  • Feeling that drugs are needed frequently, or inability to stop using
  • Having a supply of drugs or constantly seeking drugs

Drug addiction occurs when a person's brain and its functions are altered to become dependent on the drug of choice. Ingesting drugs creates a surge in levels of dopamine in the brain. This triggers feelings of pleasure. The brain will then remember these feelings and want them regularly. After repeated use, this substance takes on the same significance as other measures of survival, such as eating.

How is Drug Addiction Treated?

After a person undergoes detoxification, a physician will perform an assessment to better understand the patient’s condition. Together with the patient, the physician will develop a treatment plan specifically designed to meet the patient’s needs. This plan will likely consist of a variety of treatment methods, including medication, group support, and one-on-one counseling, as well as educational programs that can help the patient better understand their condition and how to avoid a relapse.

How Much Does Treatment for Drug Addiction Cost?

The treatment programs at Royal Life Centers are designed to be affordable and effective. Most insurance companies cover a portion of the cost for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, including treatment for drug addiction. You may be responsible for part or all of your treatment. Because your recovery and quality of life are the highest priority, we provide you with the best possible treatment based on your individual needs, regardless of your ability to pay.

Royal Life Centers is more than just an addiction treatment program: it helps give drug addicts and alcoholics a new lease on life. Our mission is simple: learn recovery, obtain life, and achieve success. The definition of success for each individual is different. We encourage individuals to ask themselves this question, “Are you the person you want to be?” People who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction seek help because they realize they are not “where” and “who” they want to be.

Asking for help is scary. It’s certainly not easy. Just know that you are not alone in the addiction recovery journey. Royal Life Centers employs empathetic and caring staff members who work diligently to provide the best treatment for drug addiction in Washington State. We offer hope and a way back to the person you want to become.

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